Success Story

Successful Nationwide Implementation of Management Information System (MIS) at Social Development Foundation (SDF) National Headquarters and Offices

SDF is presently executing the Nuton Jibon Livelihood Improvement Project (NJLIP) as part of the Social Investment Project Plan–III (SIPP-III), a collaborative effort funded by the World Bank (WB) and the Government of Bangladesh (GOB).

The NJLIP’s objective is to empower marginalized communities through a comprehensive approach that encompasses capacity building, infrastructure enhancement, employment generation, promotion of nutrition awareness, and provision of suitable inclusive financing for planned economic endeavors.

MIS_SDF Dashboard

Within this project, we have achieved successful implementation of various systems including HR & Payroll Management, Project Management, Accounting Management, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Provident Fund Management, Inventory Management, and Employee Performance Appraisal Management System.


The system efficiently handles over 2,500 gram samities transactions, as well as the management of salaries, provident fund, bonuses, loans, and travel allowances for approximately 1,200 officers and staff members, along with all associated expenditures.

MIS_SDF Activity Levels

The system is being accessed by a user community exceeding 600 individuals across the National Headquarters, 4 Regional Offices, 27 District Offices, and 300 Cluster Offices throughout the country.