Module software validation of Integrated Centralized Billing System (ICBS) of BREB with real data

We conducted a weeklong module software validation of the Integrated Centralized Billing System (ICBS), with the participation of one deputy director of BREB, two deputy general managers, two accountants, two billing supervisors, and one billing assistant of PBS’s.

Throughout this period, we inserted more than two hundred previously generated printed bills of different tariffs (single part and two-part meter bill) into the newly developed ICBS software and assessed its output and accuracy.

Module software validation of ICBS

Additionally, we validated various processes of ICBS with real data, including the online application system of new connections, consumer information management, consumer complaint management, meter management, meter problem reporting, meter reading entry and bill generation management, bill printing management, bill memorandum management, monthly aging management, consumer letter issue & delivery management, bill collection and bank deposit management, bank reconciliation management, electronic payment, user access & dashboard management, accounting system management, and many more.