An in-house project knowledge sharing session was conducted on the port automation software of Mongla Port Authority.

An internal session for project knowledge sharing was held on May 25, 2022 at TechnoVista’s office premises, where Mr. Md. Mahfuzul Alam, Sr. Project Manager of TechnoVista, shared his team’s experience on how to build and manage a remote location project, like Mongla Port Authority (MPA).

During the session, he presented project objectives, scope of work, modules and sub-modules, technology used, yard planning, workflow of different services, developed application software including container and car yard management, bill generation of import container, export container and general goods, and shared his experience on requirement collection/field visit of Mongla Port Authority and Chittagong Port Authority.

POMS MPA Knowledge Sharing Session
POMS MPA Knowledge Sharing Session

Mr. Alam also provided valuable insights on how to build an enterprise solution, client communication, conduct training, and ensure successful implementation.

The session was well-received, and all employees from different departments of the organization participated and enjoyed it.