Mr. Rahi Khondker Hosts Successful Event on Combined DISC Profile Assessment and Highlights Benefits of Natural and Adaptive Styles

Our former colleague, Mr. Rahi Khondker currently living in Australia, conducted an event on the DISC Profile Assessment, which combines the best of two world-class profiles, namely Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious.

During his presentation, he emphasized several topics, including moving forward, increasing productivity and performance, improving communication with team members and clients, staying focused, reducing stress, maintaining mental and physical happiness, overcoming challenges with ease, and creating a willing mindset and winning identity.

Additionally, he compared natural and adaptive styles, explaining that the natural style is the way you behave when you are being most authentic and true to yourself, while the adaptive style is how you behave when you feel you are being observed or when you are aware of your behavior. He highlighted that being authentic to your natural style can help you maximize your true potential more effectively, while forcing yourself to adapt to an adaptive style for too long can cause stress and decreased effectiveness.