ILO signed a contract for development of Remediation Tracking Module for LIMA of DIFE

Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) has developed a coherent information and knowledge management system called Labour Information Management Application (LIMA). It keeps factory information by managing web-based factory registration or licensing process. This factory information is updated and monitored by regular inspections performed by DIFE with the real-time mobile/tablet based inspection system. These inspection results generate some corrective action plans for the factories which need to be remediated. DIFE needs to track the remediation progress of factories.

Remediation Tracking Module is to set process and practices that enable an association to improve the RMG sector and also ensure the good working environment for the workers. It will provide real-time actual information in a single platform, which will help prevent the risk of occupational hazards. The objective of this module is to escalate the remediation tracking process, as well as to improve the operational efficiency along with the availability of data in the quickest possible time. Thus, it will improve the effectiveness and performance efficiency.