Picnic 2016 at Khagrachhari-Sajek

In October 2016, a picnic with the TechnoVista team and family members was arranged by the TechnoVista Members’ Club. The tour was destined to Dhaka-Khagrachhari-Sajek-Khagrachhari-Dhaka. The tour was operated by a tour operator named “Green Belt” and managed by the committee members of the TechnoVista Members’ Club.

The tour touched several spots in Khagrachhari and Sajek, including:

  1. Khagrachhari Town – hilly town
  2. Alutila Natural Cave – an adventurous
  3. Risang Waterfall – a scenic waterfall where tourists can slide and bath
  4. Debota Pukur (The Pond of Deity) – a pond on top of 550 feet above the ground
  5. Sajek – a scenic hilltop from where the playful clouds can be touched
  6. Hajachhora Waterfall – a powerful and scenic waterfall
  7. Khagrachhari District Park – a park in the municipality close to nature with a hanging bridge

The team arrived there to made an adventurous tour, but a dangerous hurricane made their journey more adventurous, and they enjoyed much than expected. During the tour, the team and their family members were close to each other, assisted each other, and enjoyed their time. They played cards, played the guitar and sang songs while the huge gust of wind was blowing outside. It was a serious adventure for the team and their family that, they loved it than ever.