International Labour Organization (ILO) awarded a contract for Development of Information and Knowledge Management System

TechnoVista Limited and ILO officially signed the Contract for Development of Information and Knowledge Management System for Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE).

The system will automate the current legacy system of DIFE by replacing paperwork with the integrated Factory and Establishment database, Labour Inspection System, OSH database, Accident and Injury reporting system, Case management system and online office management information system. Citizens will be able to apply for new or renew factories license through modern web based portal followed by online back office inspection and approval flow. All the processing steps and status will be notified to applicant and verifier through prompt mail and notification in personalized dashboard. Applicant will be able to know the current status of the application any time by logging in the web portal.

The dynamic labour inspection system will be operated from web and mobile simultaneously. Inspection checklist can be prepared dynamically for any sector any time and can be assigned to designated field inspectors. Inspector will be notified and pending inspection list will be populated the task list. Inspection can be done offline through mobile app and can be synced any time later when internet is available.