DGDA Signed Contract for Developing Online Reporting System of Fake Medicine, Overpricing of Medicine & Adverse Drug Reaction

People don’t have the access to be sure about information gathered from all doctors and pharmacists about the side effects of medicines, legal medicine list, and area wise complain about shortfall of medicine and information about government rated MRP of medicines. It is all because of the disconnection between the people and the drug administration and manual process of work. Because of this, people are not being able to get information regarding side effects of medicines; collection of proper medicine from proper place is becoming difficult. As a result, people are losing faith on pharmacies regarding the price of medicines. We can see from the recent research that death due to side effects of medicine is the forth concerning reason. What we need is add the price of medicine with the current database of medicines and connect it with online system and android, ios based mobile application and thus incorporate people and provide service to them and collect complain from them. Beside this, general people can check the validation of the medicine and identify fake drugs through apps and web portal.