Success Story

Successful Implementation of MIS for the Project Progress Monitoring at Local Government Division (LGD)

Local Government Division of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives formulates and implements various development works through Local Government Institutions (LGIs) to provide effective public service delivery to the whole country. At present, Local Government Institutions (LGIs) of Bangladesh include 12 City Corporations, 329 Pourashavas (Municipalities), 61 Zilla Parishads, 492 Upazila Parishads and 4,568 Union Parishads. Besides these, there are some other departments and agencies attached to LGD such as LGED, DPHE, WASA and NILG.

Monitoring, Implementation and Evaluation (MIE) wing of the Local Government Division is responsible for monitoring the activities of the local government institutions across the country. Monitoring the projects implemented and activities performed by different departments and Local Government Institutions (LGIs) ensure quality and performing tasks duly.

Local Government Division and its MIE Wing has developed a web-based Management Information System (MIS) to enhance its project monitoring and evaluation system which will contribute to enhanced monitoring and analytical ability of the officers of MIE wing of LGD. This platform have the provision to be accessible by the internal and external/field level staffs to enter project details and monitor information according to their scope.

This system strengthened the functional relationship between the tiers of LGIs and the LGD, enhance LGD’s control and policy direction in project management and monitoring system which linked more effectively with desired national outcome.