Success Story

Empowering Paurashavas in Bangladesh through Cutting-Edge Technology

The Municipal Governance and Services Project (MGSP) of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is revolutionizing local governance by offering a comprehensive web-based solution that caters to the diverse needs of 329 Paurashavas, empowering them with efficient, transparent, and citizen-centric services.

The comprehensiveness of web-based solution is truly remarkable, as it encompasses crucial aspects of municipal governance. The inclusion of the Holding Tax Billing System, Trade License System, Water (both Dia and Meter) Billing System, Non-motorized Vehicle Management and Billing System, Accounting System, and Movable Fixed Asset Management System reflects the project’s commitment to covering all essential functionalities under one unified platform.

One of the standout features of web-based solution is the adoption of QR code technology for Trade Licenses. This innovation has significantly enhanced the verification process, ensuring the validity and authenticity of licenses. The ease with which authorities and stakeholders can scan the QR code to verify licenses has streamlined trade-licensing procedures, reducing administrative burdens and promoting a more business-friendly environment.

The graphical dashboard is a true game-changer, offering end-users an intuitive and visual representation of bill demand and collection status. This real-time insight allows municipal officers to make informed decisions promptly and efficiently. Moreover, the nationwide dashboard provides decision-makers with a comprehensive view of the entire system, enabling them to analyze data at a macro level and devise strategies for improved governance.

The integration of a mobile app for Paurashava dwellers is a testament to MGSP’s commitment to citizen-centric services. By providing citizens with easy access to their holding tax bills, monthly water bills, and dues, the project has empowered residents to take charge of their financial obligations. Additionally, the option to pay bills through popular mobile financial services like bKash, Rocket, Nagad, and others showcases the project’s efforts to promote digital inclusivity and financial convenience for all.

The fact that more than 100 Paurashavas have signed up for MSU software within a year is a testament to its success and value. This rapid adoption illustrates the level of trust and confidence placed in the project by local administrations across the country. It is clear that the MSU software has addressed critical pain points and provided practical solutions that meet the unique needs of each municipality.