Success Story

Central Management System of the Roads & Highways Department is an exceedingly useful tool for monitoring and managing contracts.

The Central Management System (CMS) is an information system that is used as a tool by the RHD officers for effective, efficient, accurate and transparent management of the works executed in the different RHD field offices. CMS tool used in field division offices to record and report performance of RHD by collecting data of all contracts and all expenditures.

Central Management System of the Roads & Highways Department

It is a powerful tool used to facilitate the preparation of contracts, including Bill of Quantities (BoQs), revised BoQs, engineer’s estimates, valuations and payment certificates. It also keeps records of both the Revenue and Development budgets for Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and Foreign aided projects. This system has enabled all division offices to manage their budget and expenditure more effectively. This development marks a major milestone in the digitization process for Roads and Highways Division (RHD).