Success Story

Tottho Apa’s remarkable technological journey: Transforming dreams into reality with MIS Software

“Tottho Apa: Empowering Women Through ICT Towards Digital Bangladesh Project (2nd Phase)” implemented by Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha under Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. The main goal of the project is to provide easy access to information technology for underprivileged women in rural area and empowering them through IT-enabled services.

TechnoVista Limited played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and developing the Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) software that powered Tottho Apa’s remarkable journey. Together, we streamlined HR operations for over 2000 employees, optimized financial management, and created a database of 7 million beneficiaries.

MIS_TAPA Software Dashboard

As a digital based project, for its effective functioning and monitoring Tottho Apa has developed a complete Management Information System, consists of 12 modules. Namely, (1) Human Resource Management, (2) Attendance Management, (3) Leave Management System, (4) Beneficiary Management System, (5) Payroll Management System, (6) Budget and Accounting Management System, (7) Inventory Management (8) Issue Management, (9) Document Management, (10) Audit Management, (11) Meeting and Event Management and (12) User Management System.

The MIS has been termed as a digital portrait of the “Tottho Apa” project.

  • Monitoring the activities of 492 information centers from head office by a limited number of offices and staff.
  • Monitoring the daily attendance of the officers and staff of 492 information centers in the dashboard and take corrective actions instantly.
  • Managing seven (7) millions beneficiaries registration and services getting from “Tottho Apa” project.
  • Prepare and send the allotment letter to all information centers in a single click accurately and efficiently.
  • Sending the issues to the defined responsible officers as per process flow and resolving them as well in the nationwide.
  • Monitoring the all kinds of government leave for all employees within shortest possible time.