Establishment of Port Operations Management system for Mongla Port Authority

Mongla Port Authority has signed an agreement with TechnoVista Limited for “Establishment of Computerized Port Information System and Office Automation of  Mongla Port Authority”.

The Port Operations Management system will cover all the Operational areas of Traffic, Administration, Harbour, including Financial Accounting, Payroll, PF, Pension, Loan Management. The main objective of this assignment are-

  • Improve its business processes and work practices;
  • Closely monitor the performance in all areas of operations and management;
  • Provide improved levels of operations and efficient service delivery to its internal and external customers

With this objective the following facilities will be provided to different stakeholders:

  1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / E-payment: In MPA payment/refund to all port Users will be through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). All Port users should have an account with a designated National Bank/Private Bank for these operations. Data will be transferred as flat files through EDI using a dedicated leased line between these two entities.
  2. ECS-payments: All payment will be made to Employees, Vendors and Other Parties for services rendered or material supplied through e-clearance.