E-Fire License Application System of BFSCD

According to the rules and regulations of Bangladesh Government all business owner who deals with inflammable items must have fire license. Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence (BFSCD) authority provides E-Licensing system for their stakeholders to apply for fire licenses online.
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Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence (BFSCD)
  • Language : PHP Laravel Framework
  • Web Server : Apache Web Server on Linux Platform
  • Database Server : MySQL
  • Reporting Tools : HTML
  • Mobile Apps : Android
  • Operating System (OS) : Linux
  • Browser : Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Project Details

The objective of this application is to streamline the fire license application process and establish a centralized database of all fire license holders. By logging into their dashboard, applicants can easily apply for fire licenses, track the status of their application, and receive notifications via SMS and/or email.

Once an application is submitted, the back-office process is initiated, and the inspector provides visit information through the portal before scheduling a visit to the factory/organization to conduct an inspection and store the report.

In addition, the BFSCD has introduced a mobile app to facilitate hassle-free reporting of fire incidents, which are stored in the central database and verified by officials who take necessary action and inform nearby fire stations accordingly.

Major Features

  • Online fire license application process
  • Unique user ID generation against application
  • Notify applicant on successful application submission through E-mail
  • Application selection process by inspector
  • Inspection date assignment process
  • Inspection report generation process
  • Inspection report approval process
  • Fire License issue process
  • Google map integration with the application
  • Bank challan preparation process
  • Fire license renewal process
  • Fire license amendment process
  • Fire license cancellation process
  • Fire license correction process
  • Mobile Apps to receive Fire incident Information
  • User access management & audit trail management