Development & Implementation of Integrated Centralized Billing System for Palli Bidyut Samities (PBSs)

The comprehensive web based ERP solution is an initiative by Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) to automate New Electricity Connection, Consumer Meter Order, Consumer Information, Electronic Meter Reading System, Bill & Collection System, and Electronic Payment System & Accounting System etc.
Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board
  • Operating System: Linux/Windows Server 2019
  • Language: Microsoft C# .NET
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET
  • Architecture Design Pattern: MVC
  • Digital Image Processing: OPEN CV
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Database: Oracle 21c
  • Reporting Tools: RDLC and HTML5
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Major Modules

Consumer Information Management System

This module has automated the work processes of online application of new electricity connection management, Allor feriwala/Spot meeting management, application tracking management, consumer meter order (CMO) management, consumer information management, consumer complaint management, meter management, meter problem reporting management, membership & voter management etc.

E-Meter Management System

This module has automated the work processes of meter reading collection and bill delivery through app. data synchronization between app. & BREB server, consumer’s meter location in map view etc.

Accounting Management System

This module has automated the work processes of voucher management, integration with bill and collection module, Form-550 and MIS report generation, electricity sales and system loss management etc.

Bill and Collection Management System

This module has automated the work processes of book assignment management, meter reading entry & checking management, bill tariff management, electricity bill generation management, bill rebate/subsidy management, bill printing management, bill memorandum management, aging management, letter issue & delivery management, bill collection management, bank deposit and bank reconciliation management, electronic payment management, bank collection and bank reconciliation management etc.

User Access & Dashboard Management System

This module has automated the work processes of user creation of BREB and PBS’s, user’s role management, user’s work place change management, system audit log management, user’s password policy management, report engine and user wise statistical dashboard management etc.

Project Details

The Rural Electrification Board of Bangladesh has been providing services to rural member consumers for the last 44 years. Today there are 80 operating rural electric cooperatives widely known as Palli Bidyut Samity (PBS), which are providing services to approximately 30 million consumers of households, businesses, and industries.

The system has automated the following process like online application system of new connection, consumer meter order (CMO), consumer information, consumer complaint management, meter management, meter problem reporting, meter reading entry and bill generation management, bill printing management, bill memorandum management, monthly aging management, consumer letter issue & delivery management, bill collection and bank deposit management, bank reconciliation management, electronic payment, user access & dashboard management and accounting system etc.

The system also integrated 05 mobile financial system (agent, app & USSD), 06 agent banks, 03 bank-booths and 20 bank/branches to pay monthly electricity bills online.

This system is deployed in BREB central data center using full hardware capacity. Currently more than six hundred (600) users are using the system from 16 PBS offices under 02 PBS’s through VPN channels. Implementation activities of other 580+ PBS offices under 78 PBS’s is ongoing.

The system will handle all the activities related to consumer, billing, collection, accounting and snapshots meter reading of more than 30 million consumers from 600+ PBS offices of 80 PBS’s with minimum effort.


  • Application for new electricity connection.
  • Application approval and demand note issue.
  • Wiring Inspector assignment against new application for new electricity connection.
  • Wiring inspection report submission.
  • All types of CMO Issue.
  • Junior engineer (O&M) assignment against all types of CMO.
  • Lineman assignment and work done.
  • Application for line construction and PBS approval.
  • Application for change consumer’s different information and approval.
  • Meter problem reporting and work done.
  • Consumer group creation and add consumers.
  • Application for membership cancellation and approval.
  • Application for SBO and approval.
  • Application for consumer service/complaint and work done.
  • Book assignment to meter reader and billing assistant.
  • CMO issue for Allor feriwala/Spot metering.
  • Unarchive of archived application.
  • Meter and seal information entry.
  • Meter receive from Consumer/applicant.
  • Meter issue to lineman for Allor feriwala/Spot metering.
  • Meter receive from lineman (unsuccessful CMO/remove CMO/Meter change/Unused meter).
  • Meter test information entry.
  • Electrician information entry.
  • Billing schedule creation, change and approval.
  • Meter reading entry & checking.
  • Normal bill preparation.
  • Average bill preparation.
  • Streetlight bill (without meter) preparation.
  • Estimated bill preparation.
  • Supplementary bill preparation.
  • Application for DM/CM/JM and approval.
  • Power factor entry and approval.
  • Misused/Penalty bill preparation (non-consumer).
  • Electricity bill installment and approval.
  • Electricity bill print.
  • Aging data archive.
  • Consumer letter/notice preparation & print.
  • Others collection receipt preparation (OR/Application fees/Demand note/Consumer deposit/Advance electricity bill).
  • Electricity bill collection with PBS cash counter.
  • Others bill collection with PBS cash counter.
  • Electricity bill collection (bulk) with PBS cash counter.
  • Electricity bill collection with API.
  • Daily collection deposit to bank.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Daily collection voucher sends to accounts.
  • Disbursement voucher approval.
  • Chart of accounts entry.
  • Chart of accounts setup.
  • Cheque book issue.
  • Cheque cancellation.
  • Disbursement voucher recommendation.
  • Audit journal approval.
  • Cash receipt journal approval.
  • Fixed journal voucher approval.
  • Journal voucher approval.
  • Payroll journal approval.
  • Sales journal approval.
  • Month closing.
  • Part B1 entry.
  • Bank account information entry.
  • Sub-ledger (PBS) entry.
  • Disbursement voucher entry and posting with approval.
  • Audit journal entry and posting with approval.
  • Cash receipt journal posting.
  • Fixed journal voucher entry and posting with approval.
  • Journal voucher entry and posting with approval.
  • Payroll journal entry and posting with approval.
  • Sales journal posting.
  • Part E entry.
  • Part E1 entry.
  • Part F entry.
  • Cheque advice letter preparation.
  • Sales journal sends to accounts.
  • Memorandum journal sends to accounts.
  • Book download (with consumer info.) to mobile device and data synchronization with server.
  • Meter reading collection with mobile app. and data synchronization with server.
  • Bill delivery information record with mobile app. and data synchronization with server.
  • Meter problem reporting with mobile app. and data synchronization with server.
  • User information entry and login send to respective user.
  • User’s location change.
  • User’s dashboard (ALL BREB & PBS users)
  • SMS send to consumers/applicant.
  • Email send to consumers/applicant etc.

MAJOR benefits

  • Online application for new electricity connection and PBS approval of all tariffs.
  • Instant consumer/applicant notification via SMS, e-mail and dashboard.
  • Easy application and demand note bill print through applicant/consumer dashboard login.
  • Tracking status of application through applicant/consumer dashboard login.
  • Easy storage of connection information through Allor feriwala/spot metering.
  • Automatic archiving and reprocessing of application if the demand note is not paid within the specific time limit.
  • Easy process and execution of all types of CMO’s.
  • Data storage and reprocessing of unsuccessful CMO’s.
  • Fastest consumer information search using any keyword related to consumer.
  • Changes of any consumer's important information with approval.
  • Easy consumer complaint receive and processing by One Point.
  • Automatic area wise voter list preparation.
  • Dynamic tariff rate setup and provision of new tariff rates by BREB at the fastest time.
  • Book wise billing schedule preparation and changes with approval.
  • Providing automatic notification to the concerned billing assistant on the last day of bill generation as per billing schedule.
  • Meter reading entry and bill preview on the split screen.
  • Mandatory meter reading checking before bill process.
  • Book wise bill process of all tariffs with a single click.
  • Power Factor measurable consumer’s power factor value entry and approval.
  • Automatic DM/CM/JM generation.
  • Automatic letter/notice/certificate generation and distribution data storage.
  • Easy monthly electricity bill payment with installment facilities.
  • Automatic electricity bill adjustment (JM) against advance collection of equivalent consumer (consumer group).
  • Completion of book wise monthly aging process with a single click.
  • Automatic 'Sales Journal' generation and sending to accounting.
  • Chart of accounts wise official receipt (OR) preparation.
  • Electricity bill collection and consumer ledger instant update of all PBS’s through API (MFS & Bank).
  • All types of bill collection and consumer ledger instant update through PBS cash counter.
  • Money collected at the PBS cash counter deposited in the bank and bank reconciliation.
  • Automatic 'CRJ' Voucher preparation and sending to Accounting.
  • Taking meter readings including meter images through mobile apps.
  • Provision and storage of information on place and time of taking automatic meter readings.
  • Easy meter problem reporting through apps.
  • Easy storage of consumer's monthly electricity bill distribution information in one click.
  • Display consumer meter information on map.
  • Display of accepted meter readings and number of acceptable meter readings on meter reader dashboard.
  • Automatic integration with bill and collection management.
  • Simple procedure for disbursement of 'Disbursement Voucher' with budget.
  • Receive of automatic 'CRJ' vouchers from collection management and posting subject to approval.
  • Automatic 'Sales Journal' receive from Bill Management and posting with approval.
  • Easy to issue 'Fixed Journal Voucher', 'Payroll Journal' and 'Audit Journal'.
  • Generation of 'Disbursement Voucher' through automatic adjustment of outstanding electricity bills.
  • Automatic Form-550 report generation.
  • Automatic MIS report generation.
  • Preparation of electricity purchase and sale and system loss calculations according to feeders, complaint centers, substations and PBS offices etc.
  • Easy BREB and PBS user creation and sending login information via mobile and e-mail.
  • Grant necessary menu permissions according to the user's role.
  • Easy way to change PBS user's workplace.
  • Facility to view statistics based information at a glance to all users dashboard of BREB and PBS.
  • System audit logs generation and view data changes of user’s activity.
  • User’s password policy setup etc.