Project Evaluation System of NDA

Project Evaluation System a web-based proposal application system of Green Climate Projects to NDA
  • GIZ, German Development Cooperation
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • National Designated Authority (NDA)
  • Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance
  • Framework : ASP.NET MVC framework, Serenity.is
  • Language : C#
  • Front-End Tools : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, JSON, Less, NodeJS
  • Reporting Tools : Html, PDF, CSV
  • Web Server : IIS
  • Database : MS SQL Server, LINQ, Fluent migrator, Dapper ORM
  • Operating System (OS) : MS Windows Server
  • Browser : Any HTML5 Supported Browser

Project Details

A Web-based system for project proposal, concept note management, information dissemination, communication, knowledge management and NIE application review. It also supports the members of the Advisory committee (AC) as part of the “no-objection” procedure and coordination mechanism of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) activities in Bangladesh.

The role of the AC is to assist the NDA with its technical and policy expertise in reviewing project concept notes and funding proposals to make sure they correspond to the national and sector priorities and regulations. This application is to help structure your feedback and accommodate all your concerns and comments with regard to the proposed project.

The application consists of three sections: The first section NIE/MIE submit their project proposal and second section asks your AC expert opinion whether the proposed project complies with national and sector policies and investment priorities and regulations. In the third section, the proposal will be distributed among NDA specialists for their evaluation of how the proposed project corresponds to the GCF investment criteria and some specific questions focused on financing part.

The following diagram shows the overview of the project proposal submission, coordination mechanism and “no-objection” procedure in Bangladesh.


  • NIE/MIE registration and approval process
  • Concept Note and Project Proposal submission
  • Moderation of the submitted application and completeness check
  • Project Evaluation process based on custom checklist
  • Issuance of NOL (No Objection Letter) to projects or concept note
  • Prompt notification through Email
  • Real time application status in applicant’s dashboard


  • Complete automation of application approval process for Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • Eliminates paper based legacy process of issuing NOL
  • Faster application submission, moderation and evaluation process
  • Automated marking based on the evaluation result from Advisory Committee (AC)