E-Licensing System of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC)

The objective of E-Licensing System is to introduce online license application for power, gas and petroleum licenses and data management system to carry out its functions efficiently and in a transparent manner to achieve stakeholder's confidence and satisfaction.
Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC)
  • Framework : Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • Architecture Design Pattern : MVC
  • Web Server : II7 7.5
  • Database Server : MS SQL Server 2014
  • Reporting Tool : HTML
  • Language : C#, Typescript
  • Operating System (OS) : Windows 2012 Server
  • Browser : Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Project Details

By introducing the E-Licensing system applicant can easily submitting their application for new licenses, renew of licenses, amendment of licenses for power, gas and petroleum sectors.  This system also manages back-office review, evaluation, approval, dissemination and storage for docketing and online data entry, dissemination and storage for data management. The E-Licensing comprises of licensing including issuing license, license waiver certificate, amended license, enlistment of licenses, provisional license and renewal of license for power, gas and petroleum sectors. The target of this software is to reduce the manual filing and record-keeping process, as well as to improve the operational efficiency along with availability of data in the quickest possible time. Thus, it will improve the effectiveness and performance efficiency of BERC employees. This system also targets to store information of license holder systematically and accurately. The system is expected to generate all the required reports to help the authority to decide issues on time.

Major Features

  • System configuration
  • Dynamic setup of Attachment mapping, Approval flow, Template for sector wise licenses and Terms & conditions etc.
  • Applicant registration in the web portal
  • Applicant dashboard for online application submission and status review for new license, license renew and license amendment
  • Online application for License waiver certificate, Captive power plant, Rental power producer, Small power generation plant, Commercial power plant, Independent power producer of Power sector
  • Online application for CNG Storage and Refueling Station, LPG Storage, Bottling, Distribution and Marketing, LNG, Propane/Butane Storage, Bottling, Distribution and Transportation of Gas sector
  • Online application for Storage and Marketing/Distribution of Finished Petroleum Products, Storage and usage for own consumption of Petroleum Products, Storage and usage for own consumption of Furnace Oil/Diesel and lube oil for Power Generation, Fuel oil refueling station, Lubricating Blending, Recycling, Refinery/Fractionation, Re-Refinery Plant, Fuel Oil, Condensate & NGL Transportation of Petroleum sector
  • Back-office approval of online application
  • Bar coded electronic license issue to the qualified applicants
  • License verification through web portal
  • User access & audit trail management