Financial Management Information System

The Financial Management System (FMIS) aims to serve as a management tool for the Modern Food Storage Facilities Project to ensure accuracy, transparency, timeliness and completeness of audit trail in financial management practices as per the World Bank and the Government of Bangladesh financial management practices.
World Bank
Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (MFSP)
  • Framework: Php CodeIgniter
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database: MySQL
  • Reporting Tool: Jasper Reports
  • Mail Transfer Protocol: SMTP
  • Operating System (OS): OS Independent (Primarily Linux)
  • Browsers: Browser Independent

Project Details

Financial Management Information System will cover following functionalities like category wise organizational standard code based Chart of Accounts (COA) under different accounting head (Asset, Liabilities, Income and Expense), Bank Information and transaction with Bank, Payee/Vendor/Donor information, Different types of voucher like payment voucher, receive voucher, journal voucher, Chart of account wise opening information, Budget management, Advance and Adjustment Information, Cheque Information, Voucher Posting with its details and Bank reconciliation.

The reporting of accounting is also important to client and system will provide following bunch of reports like Ledger, Cashbook, Expense Register, Supplier/ Vendor wise payment record irrespective of payment head, Advance and Adjustment related Information, Bank Reconciliation, all sorts of development budget like Project wise monthly progress report, quarterly IMED report, Yearly IMED report, Quarterly Financial Monitoring Reports (SoE/IUFR) for World Bank System and audit reports etc.


  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Improved Data Share Facility
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Budget Checking Process
  • Better reporting system
  • Proper security system, so that unauthenticated user can’t access into the system
  • Proper audit trail system, so that user can track any activity
  • Tree like level of chart of accounting that will able user to identify the chart of accounts along with their parent level hierarchy.