Vista TAS & Payroll

Vista TAS & Payroll is a time attendance and payroll solution for corporate & labor-intensive organizations.
  • Summit Alliance Port Ltd.
  • Global Beverage Ltd.
  • Master Garments Limited
  • The Mohammadi Limited
  • Independent Television Limited
  • Tools : Visual Basic 6
  • Database : MS SQL Server 2008
  • Reporting Tool : Crystal Report 8
  • Windows 9x
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Project Details

Vista Time Attendance System & Payroll has been developed with the main objectives of tracking employees’ Login/Logout information. Management has the flexibility to choose the method of Login/Logout System using Barcode Reader, Proximetric or Biometrics. It is linked with Payroll system, so that sloppy attendance is instantly translated into deduction in employee’s salary. It generates different kind of reports for management such as daily attendance, late attendance, daily absence, monthly attendance statistics, salary Reports, pay slip etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Employee’s picture can be captured using webcam.
  • Keep all data related to HRM.
  • ID card with barcode can be generated at low cost.
  • Automatic calculation of payable information of each employee based on defined rules and login-logout.
  • Auto Loan/Advance deducted from Salary. Irregular Loan/Advance repayment can be maintained.
  • Attendance, Festival, Production or any kind of Bonuses can be calculated.
  • Increment of salary after approval by the management.
  • Earned Leave Encashment.
  • Leave History can be maintained and carry forward of Earned Leave after approval of the management.
  • Maternity Benefit – Pre Natal and Post Natal.
  • Clearance of Release of the worker/Employee.
  • If this application is running on different locations and there are no connections among them, data can be migrated by exporting a file from one end and importing it from the other end.