A comprehensive web-based ERP solution that automates the result processing, document processing, financial accounting, HR & payroll management, stock & inventory management, hall management and other related office management for university administration.

Student Information Management System

This is one of the major modules of University Automation Software. The module automated the business, administrative,  students course registration, result processing related activities. It will further receive scholarship information from Registrar’s Office and process scholarship for respective students.

Human Resource Management System

This is Major modules of the University Automation Software, automated the employee recruitment process, personal information of teacher, officer and staff, employee leave and scholarship process. This module also will be integrated with accounting module.

Online Result Processing System

One of the major modules of University Automation Software. The module automated the business, administrative, Students course registration and result processing related activities. Manage all information related to students grading, degree, syllabus/course and credit setup/configuration.



Online Course Registration

Easy to define courses, semester and sessions, including detailed syllabus description, prerequisites, credit level, and course types for each course. Student can also specify credit/no-credit, improvement and drop/withdraw courses, can follow-up registration approval status.

Payment Information Submission

Student can do submission tuition/credit fess Bank payment information by selecting semester and payment type with dashboard login.

Admit Card Generation

Students can get electronic admit card with registered course details and exam date-time by dashboard login.

Marks Submission

Easier marks submission by course teacher and final examiner against registered students on particular course by dashboard login.

Grading Process

Auto grading process, calculating course wise grade point and letter grade based on submission marks of course teacher and final examiner.

Hall Seat Allocation

Easier hall seat allocation, student can get allotment/cancel hall seat by giving application by dashboard login through interview process of hall administration.

OTHER modules

  • Salary Management
  • Provident Fund Management
  • Benevolent Fund Management
  • Pension Management
  • Leave Management
  • Budget Management​
  • Accounting Management
  • Bill Processing Management
  • Investment Management System
  • Audit Management System
  • Fixed Asset Management System​
  • Student Hall Management System
  • eDocument Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • System Admin & Control Management

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Major Features & Benefits

  • Automates student registration, admission cancellation, migration, drop, readmission & scholarship process
  • Provides students dashboard login facility for course registration, Application for hall seat, Syllabus viewing, notice viewing, holiday calendar viewing, Payment Ledger viewing, Course wise result viewing and many more
  • Provides Teachers, Officers and Staff’s dashboard login facility for online leave application, student’s class attendance marks submission, students class performance & final examination marks submission, NOC collection for passport/higher studies, different notices viewing, holiday calendar viewing and many more
  • Automates recruitment process, human resource personal profile of teachers, officers, staffs information etc.
  • Manages of research proposal, employee suspension, employee transfer, promotion, up gradation, degradation in effective way
  • Automates leave management by applying different leave policies with proper approval process
  • Automates students course registration process and result processing in effective way
  • Generates grade certificate, provisional certificate, tabulation sheet, result sheet in accurately
  • Automates whole salary process of the University. Generates salary/festival bonus with dynamic configuration of universities earnings and deduction policies
  • Automates provident fund, benevolent fund and pension fund management
  • Automates all kinds of bill process of any fund control according to proper accounting principles
  • Generates all the financial statement such as trial balance, income/expenditure, receipt/payment, balance sheet automatically
  • Tracks all audit objection and settlement issues in effective way
  • Automates hall management of university. Manages empty seat, application for seat, selection, seat distribution, hall fees payment process in organized way
  • Very easy and faster tracking of files and documents
  • Generates MIS reports for decision making of authorities