Vista e-Library

Vista e-Library which supports web-based online lending and receiving, browsing databases of books, journals, newspapers and magazines, searching full-text online book, e-book and journals, tracking circulation system

Vista e-Library

A comprehensive RFID based library management solution that is suitable for both large and small libraries. It is a centralized database system to provide effective tracking and tracing facility to all stakeholders and also acts as data warehouse for book, journal, research, analysis and reports.


Highlighted Features

Shelf Management

Deals with shelving, maintenance and preservation of library material.

Self Check Station

Speeds up book check-in / check-out to librarian & patrons

Anti-theft Detection

Auto alarm from exit sensors if the material that has not been properly check-out

KIOSK based Searching

Library member can do searching of a specific Book/Journal/Gazette etc.


Online public access catalog, makes accessing books and other library-related resources easier on users.

Smart Book Drop

Offers unprecedented convenience of returning books at anytime, even when the library is closed.

The Complete Solution is ready to let you understand how you can change the whole process just within a blink of eye. Just request us for a demo, and we will contact you.

OTHER Features