Success Story

Successful completion of training on Net Metering Application System of Power Division

The Power Division, supported by GIZ Bangladesh, intends to improve and simplified the application process of Net Metering (NEM) for utility consumers as well as effectively manage the field visits, system evaluation, contract signing and monitoring processes for distribution companies by using appropriate information technology and software-based automation systems.

TechnoVista Limited has developed a unified online net metering application system for the Power Division. Through this portal, consumers of utilities such as BPDB, BREB, DPDC, DESCO, WZPDCL, and NESCO can submit net metering and system evaluation applications to their respective utility providers. Additionally, utility offices can efficiently manage field visit processes, system evaluations, and contract signings.

To enhance the effectiveness of the NEM application, it is crucial to provide training to system users of utilities. As the firm responsible for providing technical support to GIZ for the NEM application, TechnoVista Ltd. collaborated with GIZ to develop a training plan and course outline. Subsequently, training session was conducted, wherein trainers delivered presentations covering project overviews, business understanding, live module software demonstrations, related reports, dashboards, and facilitated question and answer sessions.