Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) selected TechnoVista for “Development of Census & Survey Database (Big Data Input, Survey and Census Metabase)”

BBS (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics) possess a rich heritage of data spanning the entire era of research, encompassing both modern electronic formats and analogue ones (paper, books, charts, maps,) or primitive magnetic tapes. The information in older data is critical for quantifying changes and trends and differentiating between natural or anthropogenic-induced changes.

There is a rich repository of statistical information (census, survey and geo-code) in these mainframe tapes, dating back to late 1970s and early 1999s. One of the strategic goals of the NSDS in Bangladesh relates to data archiving which ultimately hopes to consolidate a data disseminating and sharing system. Data recovery and conversion from mainframe EBCDIC into ASCII is a big step towards dissemination of Big Data covering Bangladesh’s economic developmental trend since its birth in 1971.

The main objectives of the assignment are as follows:

  • To Recover various Census/Survey data since BBS was established;
  • Preparation Metadata of data & its valuation;
  • To arrange Micro Data in proper time sequence which will be helpful in Big data preparation.
  • Time Series data to predict future values based on previously observed data.
  • Conversion from unstructured to structured data