Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) signed a contract for up-gradation & development of EMIS

EMIS SESIP Contract signed with TechnoVista

The lack of centralized and decentralized systems for educational management, monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance for school support and development remains a central concern. To address these issues of management, quality, and access in the secondary education sub-sector, Educational Management Information System (EMIS) will be strengthened, institutionalized and harmonized with improved efficiency at DSHE, zonal, districts, Upazila, and school levels.

Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP) EMIS development strategies are based in the newly approved Education ICT Master Plan and are an extension of the EMIS establishment and strengthening undertaken in the SESDP project which ended 31 December 2013. The intent is to enhance EMIS capacity at DSHE to handle the increased data, including institution, teacher and student data, as well as data streams important for SESIP output data to support DLI achievement. DSHE has aimed at development, modification and effective implementation of the EMIS model under the Secondary Education Sector Investment Program.

The Educational Management Information system will consist of the following software modules. All the districts and zonal offices will be linked through a web mechanism with the central office.

1.     MPO Management System (MPO)
2.     Institute Management System (IMS)
3.     Academic Supervision System (ASS)
4.     Learning Facilitator Competency Standard (LFCS)
5.     Performance-Based Management (PBM)
6.     Message Communication System (MCS)
7.     Web-based integrated e-Monitoring System
8.     Document Archiving System
9.     Training Management Information System (TMIS)
10.  Human Resources Management (HRM)
11.  Mobile Apps