A field visit to gain insights into the E-Meter app at the Trishal Sub-Zonal Office of the Mymensingh PBS-2

Palli Bidyut Samities (PBS’s) currently rely on a non-optimized manual meter reading and billing process. The E-Meter Management System, which is a core module of the Integrated Centralized Billing System for PBS’s, aims to automate snapshot-based meter reading collection, meter problem reporting, and printed bill delivery. By implementing centralized, synchronized, and integrated billing software across 80 PBS’s, the system aims to eliminate revenue losses and improve service speed for member consumers, ultimately leading to total consumer satisfaction.

Additionally, the system will facilitate the download of consumer information to meter reader mobile phone devices, synchronize data between devices and the BREB server, and facilitate meter reading and image submission, ensuring a secure, tamper-proof, and efficient meter reading collection process that eliminates fraudulent activities such as meter tampering and reading manipulation.

Field Visit to Mymensingh Palli Bidyut Samities

To achieve these objectives, TechnoVista visited the Trishal Sub-Zonal Office of the Mymensingh Palli Bidyut Samities to gaiinsights into their E-Meter app, which is currently being piloted, and we will utilize this knowledge to develop a centralized and highly accurate E-Meter reading system that will be implemented in 80 PBS’s nationwide.