Success Story

Integrated Online Application System (IOAS) implemented for CARE Bangladesh at the head office and all field offices across the country

The Integrated Online Application System (IOAS) project by CARE Bangladesh is an impressive and comprehensive endeavor that demonstrates a remarkable integration of various modules to streamline and enhance their organizational processes. By seamlessly connecting multiple functions within its operations, CARE Bangladesh has effectively optimized its administrative and managerial procedures.

At the core of this initiative lies the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), a pivotal component that serves as the foundation for the entire IOAS. This system has transformed the way CARE Bangladesh manages its workforce, from leave and employee training to performance appraisal and payroll. The inclusion of modules such as Leave Management, Employee Training, and Performance Appraisal showcases CARE’s commitment to nurturing a skilled and motivated workforce.

One of the notable strengths of IOAS is its well-defined and structured approval flow for different processes. This is particularly evident in the way various HR actions, leave requests, salary processing, and summary report generation are managed through distinct approval channels. This systematic approach ensures that every step is accounted for and authorized appropriately, contributing to a robust internal control mechanism.

Dashboard of “The Integrated Online Application System (IOAS)”

The project’s wide scope extends beyond HR functions. Modules like Payroll, Bonus, Provident Fund Management with Loan, Employee Managed Fund (CBEMCSL) with Loan, Gratuity, Final Payment, Accounting, Vehicle Management System, and Insurance Management emphasize CARE Bangladesh’s holistic approach to managing its resources and responsibilities. Each of these modules not only streamlines the respective processes but also contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s overall performance.

An impressive aspect of IOAS is its successful implementation across different CARE Bangladesh offices throughout the country. The fact that the system is operational and effectively utilized across diverse locations underscores the project’s scalability, adaptability, and user-friendliness. This achievement speaks volumes about CARE Bangladesh’s commitment to technological advancement and its dedication to ensuring consistent and standardized processes across the organization.