Success Story

Successfully developed and implemented the Aid Information Management System (AIMS)

TechnoVista Limited has successfully developed and implemented the Aid Information Management System (AIMS) that is inaugurated by the Honorable Finance Minister, Mr. Abul Maal A. Muhith, MP on 26 October 2014 at NEC Auditorium, Planning Commission Campus.

Aid Information Management Systems (AIMS) are designed to assist developing countries in managing their aid flows. It is a software application that record and process information about development activities and related aid flows in a given country. AIMS capture project-level information on commitments and disbursements, by donor, implementer, sector and geographic locations.

AIMS help developing countries to incorporate aid flows into their national budgets and improve the overall alignment of assistance with country priorities. Accordingly Bangladesh is going to establish a web based Aid Information Management System (AIMS) under the “Strengthening Capacity for Aid Effectiveness in Bangladesh” project to enhance the transparency and effectiveness of aid.

The overall objective of AIMS is to provide a common information sharing platform for Government and Development Partners, improve aid coordination, increase aid transparency, strengthen mutual accountability and align the contribution of Development Partners (DP) with national development priorities.

Also AIMS will helpful to keep track of on-budget and off-budget flow. Furthermore, some funding sources may bring aid to facilitate their own activities. This type of aid is classified as off-budget as these information is not recorded to the ADP of the government.