LGCRRP project, LGED awarded TechnoVista to develop a MIS System for 10 City Corporations and 329 Pourashovas

The Local Government COVID-19 Response and Recovery Project (LGCRRP) is a three-year initiative by the Bangladeshi government, funded by the World Bank. LGCRRP’s development objective is to strengthen the Urban Local Governments Institutes’ (ULGI) response to the COVID-19 pandemic and preparedness for future shocks.

To facilitate LGCRRP management and to strengthen ULGI management capacities the Project Management Unit (PMU) of LGED under Local Government Division (LGD) hired TechnoVista Limited to develop and operationalize a web-based MIS for ULGIs.

This MIS will provide a platform for ULGIs to efficiently track and monitor the utilization of project grants, ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds. The web-based and mobile app system will enable ULGIs to easily provide visual and geo-tagged sub-project (scheme) progress status on the go directly from field level real-time, so that PMU and ministry high officials can access and analyze data related to COVID-19 response activities and socio-economic recovery, facilitating evidence-based decision-making. Through the implementation of this MIS, the LGCRRP aims to track grant utilization, ensure transparency, and facilitate evidence-based decision-making, thereby improving efficiency and enhance the overall management of the project and streamlining processes.