Our Profound Grief

We are deeply grieved to announce that our honourable Chairman and Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation Mr. Annisul Huq passed away on 30th November 2017 BD time 10.23 pm at Wellington Hospital, London. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May Allah rest our beloved Chairman in eternal peace.

He was widely respected for his commitment, principles and amiable manners. In his death, the country has lost a very dynamic & dedicated person.

A good heart has stopped beating,
A good soul ascended to heaven,
But the wonderful & sweet memories of
our beloved guardian Mr. Annisul Huq
will remain forever in our hearts.

May Allah forgive and accept his soul
near the throne of whom he seek & loved.

Quoting Mr. Annisul Huq:

মানুষ স্বপ্নের সমান বড়
মানুষ কখনও কখনও স্বপ্নের চাইতেও বড়
আর সেই স্বপ্নকে যদি তোমার ধরতে হয়
সেই স্বপ্ন তোমাকে দেখতে হবে।

– আনিসুল হক