TechnoVista is appointed for “Upgradation & maintenance of existing MIS, Development of Offline & Smart Mobile Tech and ensuring O&M Support” by LGSP-3

The Local Government Division (LGD) of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (MLGRD&C), is now implementing the Local Governance Support Project-3 (LGSP-3). The objective of the LGSP-3 is to strengthen inclusive and accountable local government institutions through empowering communities to make choices on their development priorities and basic needs for local services, and empowering local governments to respond to community priorities. The goal of LGSP was to strengthen Union Parishads (UPs) as an agency for effective and responsive local service delivery and accountable governance.

This web-based MIS/M&E System solution and Android-based Mobile Application (APP) with Geo-tagging will improve accountability and effectiveness in local service delivery and transparent to the intergovernmental fiscal transfer system. The main objective is to enhance the existing MIS system, along with the application of mobile technology to ensure that investments carried out by the UPs under LGSP-3 can be effectively monitored and results tracked.  Specifically, the following tasks will be implemented into the proposed web-based MIS/M&E system and Mobile Application (APP):

  • Key Task 1: Enhancement of exiting MIS system along with M&E System
  • Key Task 2: Development of New Android-based Mobile Application (APP) with Geo-tagging
  • Key Task 3: Maintenance and Providing Support Services