Development of Database and Knowledge Management System for Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence

TechnoVista Limited entered into agreement with International Labour Organization (ILO) for Development of Database and Knowledge Management for Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence.

The objective of this system is to automate the fire license application process and also to develop a database of all fire license holders, where all data will be received and maintained centrally.

By using this system the applicant will be able to apply for fire license along with all necessary documents as attachment very easily and can track current status of the application. On the other hand, the inspector will conduct the inspection visit and store the information through application which will store the inspection report in the data center. The system will notify the applicants on status of their application via SMS and/or email.

The mobile apps also will enable people to report about any fire incident from field quickly in hassle free manner. All fire incident reports will be stored in the central database and will be available to the BFSCD officials for further processing. BFSCD officials will verify the incident and take necessary action & inform all the nearby Fire Stations about the incident.