National Designated Authority (NDA)

The Web Portal of National Designated Authority (NDA) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) was a custom-made Content Management System (CMS) using Laravel to showcase the Advisory Committee, Projects, Programs, Readiness Activities, Publications, and to collaborate with National Implementing Entities (NIEs) and Multilateral Implementing Entities (MIEs).
  • GIZ, German Development Cooperation
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • National Designated Authority (NDA)
  • Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance
  • Framework : PHP Laravel framework
  • Language : PHP
  • Front-End Tools : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Sass
  • Reporting Tools : HTML, PDF, jQuery
  • Web Server : Apache Web Server
  • Database : MySQL Database
  • Operating System (OS) : Linux
  • Browser : Any HTML5 Supported Browser

Project Details

National Designated Authority (NDA), Bangladesh is the core interface between Bangladesh and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The portal shows information about GCF, NDA, Advisory Committee (AC), National Implanting Entities (NIEs) and Multilateral Implementing Entities (MIEs). It also shows the projects, programs, readiness activities and publications of NDA. It builds awareness of NIE/MIE and private sectors through detailed articles on the step-by-step process of getting accredited and how to apply for Green Climate Funds.

MAJOR Features

Custom CMS

The Portal was made with a custom-built Content Management System (CMS) made with Laravel PHP framework

Project Profile

With an organized data management for the Projects the portal is fully capable of displaying complex graphs and statistics


With a complete support for multilingual content, it is bilingual, in English and Bengali with interface & content


Using a nice user interface, the site content and database can be backed up using a single click, anytime


The site is web accessible from color-blind to even dyslexia according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Menu Manager

Custom-built dynamic menu manager gives a total boost the dynamic content management in the portal

File Manager

With nice and organized Files and Media Manager the site content can be organized more even in directories

User Management

Complete Users and User role management is so dynamic that its deep from route-level to even buttons