Success Story

First time, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics carried out the ‘Socio-Economic and Demographic Survey (SEDS)’ digitally

The sixth Population and Housing Census of Bangladesh were conducted during 15th June – 21st June, 2022. The sample survey for the Socio-Economic and Demographic Survey (SEDS) is typically conducted with a brief gap after the census to supplement the data support to the census. In the subsequent survey 24th May – 31st July, 2023, a long questionnaire is used to collect the information for various purposes, especially to fill up the data gap on the current socio-economic condition and to assess the demographic status of the population in the country. Some other basic information on housing, health, sanitation, electricity, sources of drinking water, etc. relevant for policy formulation also included in the questionnaire. The organization’s largest survey collected information on 195 indicators of citizens in 13 modules.

First time, the authorities conducted the Socio-Economic and Demographic Survey (SEDS) digitally with a Centralized Mobile Application (CAPI System) both online and offline and a Web Application for Data Collection, Supervision & Monitoring, Data Management, Data Processing Data Analysis and Reporting. So that the enumerator can conduct the survey using the smart device (TAB) for his specified area.