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NDA Portal connects GoB, GCF, NIEs and MIEs

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Bangladesh became the Poster Child to the world-leading climatologists because of its high risk in Sea-level Rising. According to the Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) by German Watch published in 2010, Bangladesh is the most risky country among the top 10. According to the World Bank, only because of the climate factor, 6.7% of the GDP of Bangladesh is wasted.

Bangladesh — a country with a high climate risk, is thriving to survive.

The destruction made by the developed countries affects countries like Bangladesh. Being among the high-risk countries, Bangladesh is not getting any help from them. In this contrast, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) comes to the scene with the necessary fund to make countries like Bangladesh more sustainable. And National Designated Authority (NDA) is an interface between the GCF and the Government of that country to make the fund dissemination more legible.

NDA, Bangladesh is such an organization under the Economic Relations Department (ERD) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The Web Portal of NDA, Bangladesh

With a functional portal for the NDA, Bangladesh, the need and necessity of the Climate Fund will come forward in a transparent manner. The necessary projects, demands – more over the compensation amount to mitigate at least some of the risks that the country is exposed to, will come forward from a designated authority to the audience.

By November 2018 the Green Climate Fund to the NDA Bangladesh
By November 2018 the Green Climate Fund to the NDA Bangladesh

Projects that are currently active, got its fund, are now clear to the audience with their report of itemized fundings, date of approval, date started, and the executing entities, and all the necessary documents. With the portal, projects like Adaptive Capacity Building, Climate-resilient infrastructure development etc. are now live to the audience — yes, the change is happening.

The most important aspect of the website is that It builds awareness of National Implementing Entities (NIEs) or Multilateral Implementing Entities (MIEs) and Private Sectors through detailed articles and audio-visuals on the step-by-step process of getting accredited and how to apply for the Green Climate Fund.

National Designated Authority (NDA)

The Project Evaluation System of NDA

We developed an effective, and functional automated Project Evaluation System (PES) for the NDA. Typically the process is highly paper-based and needs a lot of desk-to-desk paper transportation. But with the whole process in an automated web application, the process for the NIEs, MIEs, and Private Sectors have now become more affordable and easy to proceed with.

Process Improved by TechnoVista on the NDA to the GCF
Process Improved by TechnoVista on the NDA to the GCF

With the web application, the NIEs/MIEs can register, submit Concept Notes and Project Proposals. The NDA can then moderate and check the completeness, and then can issue No Objection Letter (NOL) — and all the processes can be done over the Internet without any paperwork. It’s a great step going green that meets a major goal of the NDA.

Project Evaluation System of NDA

The Success Prevails

And the success is not a rumour, it’s real. The leading national dailies of Bangladesh covered us:

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